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The Form Fitting Face Masks and Clear Face Shields

Matis mask Custom Logo

Mantis Mask can be customized!

Orders of 100 or more can have a laser engraved logo added to the Mantis Mask! Business owners are loving the option to have custom logos laser engraved onto the masks! 

Our Masks are Made in USA, in Virginia, and will get to you in a matter of days via Priority US Mail. 

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Pink Fleece Mantis Mask

Our story

Two friends that came together to desperately try to figure out how we can help the masses protect themselves from the Coronavirus. 

We decided Face Shields would be our target.  We procured a machine before we could find the material. We knew it was going to be a battle to find as plastics manufacturers and print shops all around have converted operations to producing face shields. 

This is good right?  Well not for us.  This is a great idea we are still planning on accomplishing.  We finally received our plastic and are beginning the cutting!!

McMaker Studios

We converted our whole 1000 sq ft shop to manufacture masks to help prevent the spread of bodily fluids.

McMaker Studios is a Maker shop that traditionally builds with reclaimed material.  We really wanted to make a difference in this time we are all finding is our new normal.  Right now we are trying to help fill the overwhelming demand of providing a covering on people's faces.  We are making face shields for medical workers and reusable cloth face masks for the average Joe. We feel these efforts will help slow the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

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